01227 767660 Mon-Fri 10-4


Welcome to Canterbury Umbrella

Unfortunately,  Canterbury Umbrella Centre is closed during November….. BUT..

  • We will  be open for takeaways from 11.30-1.30 every weekday…..just £3.50 for a hot meal or £1.50 for a hot drink, sandwich, panini or snack

You can find our new menu on the social health kitchen page.

  • You could also become a friend of Canterbury Umbrella. Just email: Friendsofcu1@gmail.com for more details

  • Importantly, we are also available for a chat if you’re finding things difficult during the lockdown..phone 01227767660 or email enquiries@canterbury umbrella.co.uk if you want more information


This website is currently being updated, and more information will be added soon…